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We believe that blockchain adoption can be accelerated by improving developer experience. We develop blockchain tools, leveraging the open-source community and its methodologies.


Cardano infrastructure made simple

Build and deploy dApps on a single platform with Demeter – effortlessly scale to support millions of users.

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Crafting Web3 Excellence

Your Web3 team to build reliable solutions on Cardano.


Cardano Cache

A backend tool for building and maintaining read-optimized collections of Cardano's on-chain entities. It crawls the history of the chain and aggregates all data to reflect the current state of affairs.


The tail of Cardano

A backend tool that connects on-chain data with stream-processing infrastructure (Kafka, Elasticsearch, FaaS). It allows the creation of off-chain applications that 'react' to on-chain events.


Rust-native Cardano building blocks

An expanding collection of modules that re-implements common Ouroboros / Cardano logic in native Rust. It is meant to be used as a base layer to facilitate the development of higher-level use-cases.


Cardano smart contract language

A new programming language and set of modular rust libraries for working with Untyped Plutus Core. This project aims to improve the smart contract development experience on cardano.


A Cardano data node in Rust

A new type of Cardano node, fine-tuned to solve a very narrow scope: keeping an updated copy of the ledger and replying to queries from trusted clients, while requiring a small fraction of the resources.


Cardano Omnivore

A backend tool that consumes a stream of Cardano transactions from different pluggable sources and takes cares of submitting them on-chain in an orderly and resilient fashion.

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Core Team

Santiago Carmuega

Santiago Carmuega

CEO - Software Engineer
Federico Weill

Federico Weill

Lucas Rosa

Lucas Rosa

Software Engineer
Kasey White

Kasey White

Blockchain Engineer
Rodrigo Suaya

Rodrigo Suaya

PO - Product Engineer