Open source tools and infrastructure for Cardano developers

Our Tools

Integrating on-chain data with off-chain infrastructure.


Cardano Cache

A backend tool for building and maintaining read-optimized collections of Cardano's on-chain entities. It crawls the history of the chain and aggregates all data to reflect the current state of affairs.


The tail of Cardano

A backend tool that connects on-chain data with stream-processing infrastructure (Kafka, Elasticsearch, FaaS). It allows the creation of off-chain applications that 'react' to on-chain events.

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Cardano Omnivore

A backend tool that consumes a stream of Cardano transactions from different pluggable sources and takes cares of submitting them on-chain in an orderly and resilient fashion.

Coming Soon

Rust-native Cardano building blocks

An expanding collection of modules that re-implements common Ouroboros / Cardano logic in native Rust. It is meant to be used as a base layer to facilitate the development of higher-level use-cases.


Cardano smart contract language

A new programming language and set of modular rust libraries for working with Untyped Plutus Core. This project aims to improve the smart contract development experience on cardano.



In case you were wondering

What is TxPipe.io?

It's a very young organization with the mission of empowering developers to build applications on top of the Cardano ecosystem. It started as an idea by Santiago Carmuega, Federico Weill and Alejandro Drabenche and hopes, in time, to become a larger project composed of developers building for developers.

Development Team?

We're a very small team of seasoned developers passionate about Open Source and Cardano. Santiago Carmuega as the main contributor plus several members from the community openly colaborate to build tools for the Cardano ecosystem.

Business Model?

The tools we develop will remain open and free forever. Our long-term plan is to build a PaaS offering on top of these tools to streamline the development experience. We're working on some interesting stuff, aiming to present a private beta within Q3 2022.